Grief Buddy

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YNN is very proud to pioneer the first ever Young Adult Grief Mentorship Programme: Grief Buddy

The most common feeling that unites all individuals who have been bereaved as a young adult is loneliness. As it is extremely rare to lose a loved one at a young age, many of us will not have anyone else in our lives outside our families who can relate to or understand what we are going through. Consequently, we feel forced to suppress our feelings, bury our pain and move on with our lives without confronting our grief.

Grief Buddy aims to change this by uniting individuals who find themselves facing the death of a loved one with volunteers who encountered a similar experience some time ago and feel ready and able to guide others through their grief.

For young adults

Unlike grief meet ups that can sometimes feel daunting or dominated by a few vocal individuals, our Grief Buddy is personalised and private. After you have signed up to the programme, you will be matched with a volunteer based on their experience and location.

For grief buddies

As a grief buddy, you will have the personal experience, empathy and skills to build a relationship with your mentee and provide them with a range of support and guidance. Ideally we would like you to commit to at least two-four hours every month, whether by Skype/phone or face to face meet ups at a time and place that suits you both.

As a grief buddy, you will receive expert training and feel supervised and supported in your role


If you would like to be part of this innovative and collaborative project either as a mentee or as a grief buddy then please sign up with your name, e-mail address and brief comment about why you wish to join and your experience of grief. You will then be notified when the programme is up and running:


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